Learn what you can do to save your planet

The clock is ticking

The unstoppable arms of Earth’s clock keep counting down to another local or global "random" climate disaster.

It seems there’s no way to stop anything.

Or is there?

What seems to be the problem here?

People don’t believe that their potential environmental efforts would make any difference.

Activists tend to oversimplify, overspeak and drive away people who might listen and learn, but don’t like the way the message is served.

Environmental education is very often neglected or even dismissed, and sometimes considered an ideological agenda.

"Ecologism! Marxist mutation"

photo by Konrad "Korben" D.

Your actions matter!

Equiterra introduces unique approach to increasing environmental awareness and supporting collective ecology.

With our app, we teach and show you how you can be mindful of your impact on the environment.

We give you immediate and relatable feedback, because your actions matter!

What is Equiterra?

    It's an environmental awareness education platform where users can:

  • develop their environmental awareness through gamification and small-stepped self improvement
  • get instant feedback that their environmental efforts matter
  • learn about environmentally conscious services in their neighbourhood and best sustainable products they can buy

    It's a global movement that fosters and connects:

  • environmentally conscious attitudes
  • companies and customers who want to lessen their impact on our planet

Yes they can!

Check out our amazing partners. They encourage us to keep the proverbial ball rolling.

Yes we can!

We are aware that only proper attitude can change the world, and proper attitude happens when you are true to yourself.

Because saving Earth is all about you, our AI based algorithm makes sure that the tasks we suggest and the things we teach are first and foremost comfortable to you.

You decide how much of your convenience you can spare to help the environment, we help you maximise your efforts, together we keep Earth healthy for a little longer.

She definitely deserves it :)

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Mat Sas with ❤️ for Equiterra